Friday, August 1, 2014

reunion pictures with our family

We got some photos back from the photographer. Last july(2014)....  I have a super family.  All of them are so close to my heart, and they all have so many talents. I. Cant pick a "favorite"   They are all wonderfull...  

                                                        Dwight and Dana Grimmer

                              Our grown kids.....  Cory, Tiffanie, Dan, Amber, Scott and Rob

                                      Cory James,  Corey Bryson,  Minnie and Jameson

                                                                  Kim and Dan Grimmer

                                                Malea, Steve, Elijah, Amber and Janai

                                            Scott and Diana holding Ruby and Vance

                               Rachel holding Collin... Rob holding twins.  Elliott and Truman

The whole Grimmer family group.

Tiffanie and jeff Bodine with Keanu, Kalani, Keara and Kai

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Just who am I ?

I am a multi faceted person. I have evolved as I have grown older.  Sometimes unsure and insecure ; other times very outgoing. 
   I am in my element when I am surrounded by family, playing my role as the Queen Bee. Cooking, decorating, sewing, creating.  Here is a pictorial of some of my interests... it helped make me who and what  I am. 

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I have played the piano all my life, then around 2002, I decided to learn how to play the harp. I really dont know how I learned . All I can say is that I was consumed with desire to play...   I went through the coursework to play for the sick and the dying. There are only maybe 7 programs of study to learn this. I  was accepted into the program.  I worked under the Hospice organization playing for patients.

I am making patchwork quilts for all of my grandchildren. So far14 , and three more on the way. Making them in thier favorite colors, characters.

One of my pianos. I have taught piano and harp lessons.   My son, staff sgt Scott M Grimmer he's full duty and plans on staying in .


My eldest.... my daughter Tiffanie and I have a funny moment. My youngest... DR.ROBERT GRIMMER with his kiddos

A cute little. Visitor came to sit on my deck
Isn't it cute?  I got very close.                                          A Picture of me a few years ago


From me to you... you know who you are...         Here is  one of my scherenscnitte cuttings. Also                                                                                           (aka known as German Paper cutting.) An                                                                                                    ancient craft I enjoy. I cut using sharp                                                                                                 knives to make the images


                                                                       One of my old flyers for playing harp


ANOTHER PAPERCUTTING I made for my son , he just became a new daddy
Below- a cutting in honor of getting a deer that year

I like making wire wrapped jewelry. I'm not GREAT at it, but enjoy trying making


Spending time with my papa before he died. (Left)
My son Dan and his sweet wife Kimmie.  They are expecting thier long waited for baby.  


Left- playing for a Hospice memorial.  
 Rt- and below I have won several recipe contests

HA HA HA ! Got ya!  Getting dirty playing in the dirt... I like growing things

Here are photos I took...

My kids told me “OMG mom.  You're the BIRD WHISPERER. “ Birds dont seem to mind me ,and I can get really close !

Left.... I was asked to take pictures at a wedding...  rt-  The windmills by Goldendale, wa. Close to the Colombia River

My Grandsons Hiding under the table at a wedding reception....


Smelling the fragrant Mock Orange bush in our old yard
I found lillies one morning in our yard pond.
 I absolutely adore flowers....

A foggy morning looking at our old 1912 barn.
Right-  in Hawaii, I walked the beach meditating.... I decided to make my own footprints in the sand

A gift of penguins in German papercutting for Kimmies birthday.... she's penguin crazy

 The sun was so bright I couldn't look.
A freak photo I shot , aiming directly into the sun of Multnomah Falls oregon. 

I like watching a good movie. Sci-fi. Historical, victorian history. 
I read lots of books. HISTORICAL, romantic, fantasy,  cookbooks, religious



My daughter Amber when we were swimming, boating at Lake Palmer
Deer would come into our yard. I love animals, wildlife.

Dan n kimmie in Nome
Below rt. Another paper cutting

I am a kissy grandma. I kiss and munch on them
Right bottom, a small grandson is feeling the great vibrations coming from my harp with his feet on the soundbox

                                                                                          A bee enjoying flowers in the yard


We lived in Wrangell Alaska....  One                              My daughter Amber, Steve       first nice pictures I ever took...                                         Janai, Malea, and Eli


  Amber graduates with her Masters in psychology

Our first three grandkids

I enjoy going out to a nice dinner once in a while. I like most foods, but dont care for hot/spicy.   I make the world's best lasagna, and clam chowder.  I enjoy cooking and baking when I am not stressed. I have baked my own bread for years, that is what the kids grew up on.... my freshly stone ground whole wheat bread.  I LOVE  a good steak, pink in the middle.
 Rib eye , tri tip are my favorites.  Olive Garden, sea galley, oh..... lobster is to die for angus  I like. I love a salad bar loaded with all kinds of stuff. I'd rather eat that than anything else, I wouldn't even care about meat. 
My favorite dessert is pie.... of all kinds.
Here are a few photos I like...
This video was taken while I played in a concert in Courd'alene Idaho...  the music played in 3-4 parts

Here is another example of my being able to get up close with animals. For some reason, they let me. I GOT VERY CLOSE TO THIS BIRD.IN MY YARD. AT first, I thought he was injured. I got about 2'  close to him. He kept cocking his head every which way, looking at me. After I backed off after several minutes.... he finally flew away.

A photo I took outside of Vantage above the Colombia River of the Wild horses....

                       Putting my youngest son's boutineer during his wedding reception

I was playing at a concert practice during this shot.

I played at a concert at The Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in Spokane, Wa.  Below..
we had a photo in the newspaper.

My sister in law calls me California girl in this pict.