Friday, August 1, 2014

reunion pictures with our family

We got some photos back from the photographer. Last july(2014)....  I have a super family.  All of them are so close to my heart, and they all have so many talents. I. Cant pick a "favorite"   They are all wonderfull...  

                                                        Dwight and Dana Grimmer

                              Our grown kids.....  Cory, Tiffanie, Dan, Amber, Scott and Rob

                                      Cory James,  Corey Bryson,  Minnie and Jameson

                                                                  Kim and Dan Grimmer

                                                Malea, Steve, Elijah, Amber and Janai

                                            Scott and Diana holding Ruby and Vance

                               Rachel holding Collin... Rob holding twins.  Elliott and Truman

The whole Grimmer family group.

Tiffanie and jeff Bodine with Keanu, Kalani, Keara and Kai

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